As you may have heard, cPanel recently announced a new pricing structure which will heavily affect the hosting industry. The price changes come into affect on the 1st of September 2019 so we haven’t been provided with much time to plan but our team are focused on this as a top priority. The new tier […]

ColdFusion Datasource Name manager for cPanel

In this article we will be having a closer look at one of our in-house built products, the CFManager. Firstly it is a cPanel plugin that allows Host Media customers to manage their Adobe ColdFusion datasource names without requesting them to be managed by an administrator or support member. This saves us and customers a lot […]

Over the past year we have slowly moved away from using Kloxo control panel on our main shared and reseller hosting solutions to cPanel. The cPanel control panel provides a wider range of features including global DNS clustering which has already been enabled for all of our cPanel hosting solutions. We will be opening support […]

If you run a cPanel server or VPS you should have received this email but as some people set their admin email addresses to a inbox that is not checked often we thought we would post the important cPanel/WHM update message here for you to read: Important: New Information about cPanel & WHM 11.30, 11.32, […]

We now fully support and provide cPanel DNSONLY hosting which can be installed by our team on a clean VPS or Dedicated server. Clustering your DNS is becoming more common and popular because of the effects it has on your DNS look-up speeds. Multiple servers can have cPanel DNSONLY installed to manage your servers DNS […]

We thought we would write a small article about a feature request we are working on getting cPanel to fully approve and support in the up and coming versions of cPanel. One of the control panels that is currently not supported within the migration scripts on cPanel is Kloxo (LxAdmin). We have had a large […]

We thought after our last major update on the plans of the ColdFusion 9 on cPanel services it might be a good idea to update everyone, as we keep getting a lot of people asking when this service will be released. We are currently at the stage of final testing and have planned to make […]

Something we have been wanting to offer for some time after so many people have been asking for it has finally started the testing stage; ColdFusion 9 Enterprise with cPanel/WHM 11 hosting. We will be offering both shared & reseller packages with all the great features of cPanel with ColdFusion 9. What needs to be […]

Have your say! We wanted to put the question regarding ColdFusion’s future on Host Media UK to the public to try and help us see the demand for the service. We know ColdFusion is in demand and people love using ColdFusion, we have seen this in Railo which has been more than successful. Q: Would […]

With our new server up & running today we have finished the main install of Railo 3 onto the server with Resin which we are happy to inform everything on that it is working just fine on our cPanel based server. We are currently looking to see how Railo can integrate with the servers hosts […]