Many of our clients have been asking about detecting if a user is using a blackberry or iPhone etc to view their website and redirect to a mobile version of their websites. Well we have put together a little bit of code to do this: Code example: <cfif findNoCase(‘blackberry’, CGI.HTTP_USER_AGENT)> <cflocation url=”” addtoken=”no”> <cfelseif findNoCase(‘iphone’, […]

Coldfusion Detect mobile device wake dvd rip This code detects if the browsing media is a mobile/wap device and redirects to a new directory. Quote: <CFIF CGI.HTTP_ACCEPT CONTAINS “text/vnd.wap.wml”> <CFLOCATION URL=”/wap/index.cfm”> </CFIF> NOTE: This is untested but I have seen this code used on live projects. Host MediaWe have been hosting websites since 2002 and […]