We are very proud to announce another free service from Host Media that anyone can use, if you are a Host Media customer or not you can get free website monitoring for 25 websites. Some companies will charge you extra for any type of monitoring service to check your website or server is online but […]

For some time we wanted to start up a new blog area for our guys to write code, reviews and general techie bits. After a couple weeks off and on testing and writing posts we now have a fully working blog for this. This release notice is a bit late as it has been a […]

Today the Sport Datum service is launched to provide XML based data feeds to be used on desktop, mobile and of course web based applications. XML can be read by a huge number of coding languages including: ColdFusion, Railo, PHP, ASP.NET, X-Code and many more. You can sign for FREE to the services and get […]

We have had a few emails asking about simple PHP dates for copyright footers and having the date as part of a navigation so we thought we would post a little info pack about PHP dates. Adding the year as part of the copyright is a great idea as it makes one less thing you […]

Over the past week we have had php_ming on our Linux cPanel servers to work with and many of our customers have already found this feature as a great use. We offer PHP_MING with all our cPanel Linux hosting, see below for a list of hosting packages: Free Web Hosting Stage One Hosting Stage Two […]