Adding to our 2 other Railo hosting locations we are happy to announce our 3rd Railo location, the UK. We have been offering US and Germany based solutions for some time which has worked well and has been a fantastic service to offer our customers. As many of our customers are UK based we felt […]

We have been doing the reward for reviews for some time now to help us get more information from our customers for things they like or dislike about our services. We thought we would share some of our customers views on our hosting services: “Having used several hosting companies, I found Host Media and gave […]

From our post (read here) about making our Railo service even faster we found some issues with our Railo memory usage which you may have seen by short periods where Railo failed and required a restart. After a couple of days of testing we found the Java behind Railo required a lot more Ram than […]

After some small slow down in the Railo services on our servers we thought we would upgrade our Railo servers RAM. You maybe thinking this is not a big deal, wont change anything and as long as everything is working then nothing to think about… Well with this upgrade you might be interested to know […]

As today is the first of the month we thought it would be nice to offer something for free so we are now offering a Railo hosting plan which includes 100MB of space & 1GB of bandwidth for free! Only a one off setup fee payment is required of £1 GBP and you will never […]

Before we were talking about hosting the Mura CMS but now we are happy to inform you we have installed Mango Blog with Railo which was one of the easiest systems to install. There was only one thing that needs to be added to a web.xml file to work with Railo and thats something our […]

As we now offer Railo hosting services we wanted to start demonstrating the power of Railo, our first release / showcase is the popular Mura CMS which is a great free open source content management system. Instead of giving screenshot we have setup our own labs just for Railo which we will continue to release […]

Well the first month of 2010 comes to an end and with many companies including us doing final TAX/VAT returns we took some time to look how we have done compared to last year and to also share this with our customers. Some figures for you: (January 2009 compared to January 2010) Sales: ∧ 10% […]

We have now launched our Railo services to allow ColdFusion CFM / CFC scripts to run without the costs of ColdFusion. Railo 3.1 allows the use of most of the ColdFusion 8 tags. Check out our Railo services: Railo Hosting Package Using LxAdmin (Kloxo) On CentOS Linux Servers If you have any questions feel free […]

Today we received information back from our new data centre in the US regarding our new Railo servers which we are happy to say they are now in the final stage of development. The servers have been tested with all basic systems such as CentOS, LxAdmin (Kloxo), Railo 3.1 Final and PHP with MySQL. The […]