Lucee CFML Engine

We are very excited to announce from Friday the 20th of February we will be welcoming Lucee to our range of services. Lucee will be replacing the Railo services on our UK SSD servers. All other Railo based servers (SATA based – UK, US and Germany) will remain on Railo for the time being. Only […]

Since we started out in the hosting industry we have loved hearing our customers talk about us, this year we have seem a number of users on twitter sharing their experience hosting with us which has been great. There has been 2 articles which we wanted to share and to thank those for sharing their […]

Running a ColdFusion or Railo event or user group? Host Media UK has started offering sponsorship deals to the CFML community events & user groups to help projects further. Examples of sponsorship support: CFML based hosting for life of the project. Funding, we are already sponsoring such events as 2011 MuraCon, 2012 Scotch On The Rocks and […]

We receive so many sales tickets requesting to price match or beat quotes for Railo & ColdFusion hosting, and we are happy to say we always do. With this great interest we thought we would make a public announcement that we will beat any valid Railo or ColdFusion (shared/reseller only) quote you provide and have […]

After so many customers asking for MsSQL to be added as a service we are very happy to announce we now offer Microsoft SQL 2008 database hosting with RAID5 hard drives for the best performance, located in Scranton, PA (USA) which gives a great connection to our US based Railo 3 & ColdFusion 9 servers. […]

We are proud to welcome to our group VZHost a US based Virtual Private Server company which was a startup company that took out interest straight away. With its fantastic virtual environment to provide powerful VPS’s starting from only $6.95 per month which is one of the cheapest providers in the world, we can now […]

Over the past week we have been working closely with David Boyer from the CFTracker team to work on the new features for our CFManager to give our ColdFusion customers application data which would include information such as sessions, memory usage and so on. With CFTracker enabled within our CFManager we will be able to provide […]

Today the Sport Datum service is launched to provide XML based data feeds to be used on desktop, mobile and of course web based applications. XML can be read by a huge number of coding languages including: ColdFusion, Railo, PHP, ASP.NET, X-Code and many more. You can sign for FREE to the services and get […]

Last night we had our Railo services upgraded to the latest stable release: Railo final With a huge amount of new features and fixes for both security & current features. To see what’s planned for the new major released of Railo please visit the Railo Roadmap on URL: Hope you all enjoy […]

We have been getting many emails saying what’s the best way to preview their website before changing the main sites DNS / A:Records over… Well we have found a simple but easy way to preview websites, its as simple as creating a sub domain. Just like a full domain name a sub domain can be […]