We are very excited to announce our official support of the Lucee CFML project. This covers both financial and a public show of support for this open source language. By supporting the Lucee project we can help ensure the long term success of CFML in the web industry and our continuing passion for CFML hosting. If you would […]

We were very proud to have sponsored Cara Jones on her Race for Life charity run of 10K on the 16th of September 2012. Race for Life is a very well known UK charity event which tens of thousands of women take part in from all over the country to raise money to help beat […]

We are very proud to announce our sponsorship of this years MuraCon. We sponsored MuraCon last year to show our support for this powerful open source ColdFusion content management system and very happy to continue to show our support. The Mura CMS User Conference will be on the 10-11th October 2012 in Washington, D.C. As […]

Running a ColdFusion or Railo event or user group? Host Media UK has started offering sponsorship deals to the CFML community events & user groups to help projects further. Examples of sponsorship support: CFML based hosting for life of the project. Funding, we are already sponsoring such events as 2011 MuraCon, 2012 Scotch On The Rocks and […]

Being a part of the CFML (ColdFusion, Railo, OBD etc) community in anyway is very important to us and something we love to get involved with when we can. One major element of the community that gets a lot of great press if the award winning CFML application; Mura CMS. The team begin this content […]