If you run a cPanel server or VPS you should have received this email but as some people set their admin email addresses to a inbox that is not checked often we thought we would post the important cPanel/WHM update message here for you to read: Important: New Information about cPanel & WHM 11.30, 11.32, […]

On Saturday 16th of July 2011, at 14:39 PM UK/London time our server management team started to see some unusual activity within the ssh commands list that had been ran. With a number of clients opening support tickets regarding unknown files and settings within their accounts appearing we quickly put the server into its highest […]

Over the past couple weeks we have been making plans for 2011 for new and current customers. We thought we would share what was discussed and any comments or feedback please feel free to use the comment box to share your thoughts. Service Improvements An extra helping hand Offering the very best support is a […]