Something we have been wanting to offer for some time after so many people have been asking for it has finally started the testing stage; ColdFusion 9 Enterprise with cPanel/WHM 11 hosting. We will be offering both shared & reseller packages with all the great features of cPanel with ColdFusion 9. What needs to be […]

Have your say! We wanted to put the question regarding ColdFusion’s future on Host Media UK to the public to try and help us see the demand for the service. We know ColdFusion is in demand and people love using ColdFusion, we have seen this in Railo which has been more than successful. Q: Would […]

Today our team is working on a new way to host Railo which could allow better interface between the control panel and the Railo service. We have brought a new server (US based) to install the latest cPanel and the latest Railo to work together with high performance. The features we would like to start […]